why heavy populated state like UP,doesn’t have any health scheme for economically poor ?

Deepak Dubey
Of 9 crore insured 11 lakh people took benefit of MPJAY(earlier RGJAY ) Scheme in Maharashtra wherein densely populated state like Uttar Pradesh doesn’t have such scheme.
 Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) started during 2011 Congress Government has so far insured 9 crore citizen of Maharashtra of which 11 lakhs people got benefit from this Scheme.
A CAG report tabled in the state legislature on Wednesday claimed that due to lack of publicity many people didn’t claim the benefits.
States with a Major population like Uttar Pradesh doesn’t even have such scheme, people are in need but lack of government vision towards public healthcare is the major reason. A survey was conducted by Mumbai AAS PAAS news in districts like Varanasi, Bhadhoi, Mirzapur to know if people want such scheme in their state which covers them from critical illness and surgery. Major public reported Yes. A resident of Bhadhoi reported that one of their 17-year-old youth friends died because his parents were poor and didn’t have 1.5 lakhs rupees for surgery, youths of UP have expectation from Yogi Adityanath for bringing revolution in healthcare

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