Who Was CBSE Paper Leak Whistleblower? Cops Ask Google For Help

Amid anger and protests over the leak of two school exam papers, the Delhi police has asked google to help identify the “whistleblower” who used fax, email, courier and WhatsApp to alert education board CBSE about the breach.

The police are also investigating over 10 WhatsApp groups, each with 50-60 members. Events pieced together by the police reveals that the board did not act on at least two tip-offs.

The CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education received an anonymous fax on March 23, which alerted it to the possibility that the paper for the Class 12 Economics exam three days later may have been leaked. The fax, which was from an unknown source, alleged that a coaching centre and two schools were involved in leaking the exam paper.

A day later, the board forwarded the fax to its regional office, which in turn passed it on to the Crime branch on WhatsApp.
CBSE has said that the fresh exam dates would be announced soon (File) .The police contacted the coaching centre’s owner, a man named Vicky. But he was let off in the absence of any solid proof.

 After the Economics exam on March 26 (Monday), the CBSE office received a packet with the answers along with mobile numbers of four people who had allegedly received the paper on WhatsApp.

On Tuesday, a day before the Class 10 math exam, the CBSE was well aware that the Class 12 Economics paper had been leaked. In the evening, the police filed the first FIR in the case.

A day later, a handwritten version of the class 10 math paper was emailed to the CBSE chief around 1.30 am, along with advice to scrap the exam. In the nine-hour window, the board didn’t scrap it. Instead, 90 minutes after the exam, it filed the second complaint with the police. Education Secretary Anil Swarup said there wasn’t enough time to cancel the exam.

The crime branch has asked Google to help track down the gmail ID.Vicky was questioned again on Thursday. He claimed that like others, he too had received the question paper on WhatsApp.

The police have identified 24 students who received the math paper on their WhatsApp an evening before the exam.

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