Whether Abortion or pregnancy, this right belongs to the concerned woman- High Court

It is the woman’s right to decide whether to have an abortion or to continue the pregnancy. The High Court expressed a strong opinion while allowing a married woman to have an abortion in the 32nd week. The court granted this permission on the basis of a medical report that the fetus had serious abnormalities.
The court also observed that the continuation of pregnancy only because of delayed abortion is not only denying the right of the unborn child to live a healthy life, but also the right of the woman to give birth to a healthy child, to be a good parent.
The medical board had issued a report recommending that abortion should not be allowed even if the fetus has serious abnormalities because it is the last stage of pregnancy.
Refusing to accept it, Justice Gautam Patel and Justice S. G. A bench of Digge recorded the above opinion.
Also allowed petitioner woman to have an abortion.

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