WCD Minister celebrates 4th International Day of Yoga with pregnant women

The Ministry of Women and Child Development celebrated 4th International Day of Yoga through various activities. The Minister for Women and Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi attended a yoga session with pregnant women in New Delhi. The Minister interacted with the expecting mothers who shared their experiences of practising pre-natal yoga.

The Minister performed Asanas along with the pregnant women under guidance of yoga trainer so as to encourage the practice of pre-natal yoga. She emphasised on the importance of yoga for pregnant women.However, the prenatal yoga must be practised only under qualified instructors, the Minister stressed.

The Minister said that making Yoga an integral part of life has holistic benefits and it can help especiallythe pregnant mothers by giving the ability to stay calm and eases most physical problems during the nine months. She also added that Pranayama has been found to have exceptional benefits during pregnancy and it must be incorporated in the daily regime through all the three trimesters as it helps release negative emotions.

Speaking on the occasion after participating in the Prenatal Yoga session on the occasion of 4th International Day of Yoga, the Minister also said that regularly practising prenatal yoga can help in preparing the women’s body for normal delivery.


The Minister shared her own daily yoga routine and urged people to perform yoga for staying healthy and happy.

The Ministry on the social media platforms including Facebook ( and Twitter (@MinistryWCD) also listed various yoga asanas that can be performed during the three trimesters of pregnancy. The Ministry has shared on its official Youtube channel thevideos of the Minister performing Yoga

The officials of the Ministry led by Secretary Sh.Rakesh Srivastava enthusiastically participated in the yoga session in National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development(NIPCCD) in New Delhi today.


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