Vridavan shelters home for widows in Uttar Pradesh

Enabling methods to socially empower the women of the society, many initiatives have been instigated by the departments. In a new move to help the women, particularly the widows, the Women and Child Development Department of India has joined hands with Women and Child Development Department of Uttar Pradesh in setting up Home of Widows at Sunrakh Bangar, Vrindavan.
 The Ministry of Women and Child Development has constructed this shelter home for widows with a capacity of 1000 inmates. The pact shall come into force for a period of 2 years and is set to be renewed further on the condition that the shelter homes are given proper maintenance of the home.

  According to the MoU, the Government of Uttar Pradesh shall be responsible for activities including setting up the mechanism for identifying beneficiaries, providing residential care to the widows, deploying staff as per norms with prescribed qualification and experience.

The agreement further states that senior officials of Government of Uttar Pradesh shall visit and check the security staff periodically and monitor their performance. The MoU also includes provisions for facilitating Aadhar Cards for all inmates and medical or senior care for inmates.
Running of the shelter home will be taken into consideration by the Government of Uttar Pradesh themselves or by any state government institution or by any civil society or by any reputed non-government organization to be decided by the State Government.

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