US appreciates India for its significant counter-terrorism acts

Washington: The United States of America in its annual report on ‘Country Report on Terrorism’ has showered its praised for its significant acts against terrorism.

Notably, in its annual ‘Country Report on Terrorism’ the US State Department praised India for its significant counter-terrorism acts and said Pakistan-based terrorist groups continued their terror attacks in the country.

The State Department said that the Indian leadership has also expressed resolve to prevent terrorist attacks domestically and to bring to justice the perpetrators of terrorism, in cooperation with the US and other like-minded countries.

It said the parts of India seriously impacted by terrorism in 2017 included Jammu and Kashmir, the northeast Indian states, and parts of central India in which Maoists remain active. The report said India continued to experience attacks, including by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations as well as tribal and Maoist insurgents.

The report further said India, continued to apply sustained pressure to detect, disrupt and degrade terror operations within its borders. It said that the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist groups continue to pose a regional threat and that Pakistan did not adequately address America’s concerns on terrorism.

The report said that although terrorist attacks took place in 100 countries in 2017, fifty-nine percent of all attacks took place in five countries. Those are Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Similarly, 70 percent of all deaths due to terrorist attacks took place in five countries, and those are Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, and Syria.

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