Under Narendra Modi, India has emerged as the fastest growing economy : Prakash Javdekar to Congress

Refuting P Chidambaram’s claims on the state of the economy under BJP’s regime, Union HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar said that instead of questioning policies of Modi government, Congress party must revisit the disastrous economic policies adopted by UPA government. Addressing the media, referring to the reports of International agencies, Javdekar said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world.

Recounting the tenure of Congress-led UPA government, the Minister said that BJP government has been able to control the inflation rate whereas then Congress government under former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had failed miserably to tackle the inflation. Commenting on the criticism of growth rate, the BJP leader stated that incumbent government has outnumbered UPA by achieving the growth rate of 7.07 %.

Talking about the Food security and Social security schemes, Javdekar said that BJP government is effectively implementing the policy of food security across the nation. He further pointed that central government with the introduction of life insurance and the accidental cover has provided the affordable insurance to the common man. On the issue of fuel price rise, the BJP leader stated that Central government is taking all possible steps to ensure the long-term solution for flexible fuel tariff.

On minimum support price to farmers, Javdekar reiterated that Modi government is committed to the welfare of farmers. He underlined that wrong policies of Congress government had destroyed the agriculture sector in the county. The minister assured that recommendations of Swaminathan commission will be implemented for the welfare of farmers and BJP is committed for the same. On naxal threats to Prime Minister Modi, the Minister slammed Congress leader for politicizing the highly sensitive issues and condemned the approach of the grand old party.

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