To appease Muslim voters, Congress seeded plot of ‘Hindu Terror’ and let go actual terrorists: former undersecretary in MHA RVS Mani

To appease Muslim voters, Congress seeded plot of ‘Hindu Terror’ and let go actual terrorists: former undersecretary in MHA RVS Mani
Politics of appeasement is common in India to remain in power. But to remain in power and playing appeasement politics, Congress had put up the national security at stake. Being in power during the year 2006 to 2010, the Congress party in a bid to appease Muslim voters coined the term ‘Hindu Terror’ and saved the actual terrorists involved in Samjhauta Express blast case, Mecca Masjid blast case etc. This has been revealed by RVS Mani, former undersecretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday.
Exposing the plot of Congress party and some of its top politicians including Digvijay Singh, RVS Mani, former undersecretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday said that there was no such thing as “Hindu Terror”. He further stated that the real terrorists managed to escape thanks to Digvijaya’s ‘Hindu terror conspiracy’.
While talking to media, RVS Mani said, “I have said this earlier too that there was no official information on Hindu terror till 2010. Even after that, there was no such thing. I have written a book which clearly states how Digvijaya Singh laid the foundation of Hindu terror and spread it.”
“In the name of Hindu terror, using government resources Digvijaya Singh saved real terrorists. Arif Qasmani, Samjhauta Express blast accused escaped. In Mecca Masjid blast case Bilal also escaped. I don’t know his political agenda but there’s no Hindu terror,” he added.
The statement from RVS Mani came hours after Digvijay Singh once again accused Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh of promoting terrorism in the county. Dijvijaya Singh said, “All Hindu terrorists who have ever been caught have association with RSS in some way or the other. Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, was also part of RSS.” “So, this ideology is spreading hatred, hatred breeds violence, and from violence is bred terrorism,” he added.
Importantly, to remain in power in India, politicians play such dirty politics that even they do compromises with the national security. Attraction, Appeasement, Casteism, Violence, spreading hatred etc are very common tools in India for the political parties to grab the power. Citizens, voters trust on these politicians and political parties but they backstab doing corruption, killing them and not fulfilling their own promises.

A brief description of seeding Hindu Terror in RVS Mani’s book ‘Hindu Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs’are as follows:

Mani, who was posted in one of the most crucial departments of the MHA, the Internal Security (IS) division, from 2006 to 2010, has tried to focus on how MHA officials, under the direction of the then UPA political leadership, were forced to carry out orders that were morally wrong apart from being illegal. He said it was a time of “Hobson’s choice”, where the officer had to choose either to save himself or to save the country. It will be worthwhile to wait and see whether, or not, the scores of individuals who have been named by Mani, for not so flattering reasons, will respond to his accusations.
Mani, who took five months to complete the book, had bared the plot in the initial pages, stating that “the so called secular narrative attempted to be propagated between 2004-2013 had the potential to tear India’s social fabric to shreds”. The rest of the book is filled with anecdotes, as one would expect from someone who has worked among spooks. He has substantiated the central theme of the book by quoting and attesting official records and incidents, some of which are in the public domain and many of which are not.
Unlike members of his clan, Mani had named political personalities, IAS and IPS officers. He has either indicted them for their wrongdoings or appreciated them, such as former IB officer Rajendra Kumar, whom he has mentioned multiple times and credited him for destroying several ISI sleeper cells that were flourishing in the country.

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