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This Children’s Day, Google inspires all to dream high with space exploration doodle

Mumbai: Let that little child in you keep you lively, encourage you to live every moment and also make your life insanely awesome like there is no tomorrow!

Giving a humble ode to inspiring children to dream big, Google doodle this year takes you on a space exploration. Google is celebrating Children’s day with a doodle envisioned by a school student from Mumbai, winner of the 2018 Doodle 4 Google competition in India. The theme this year was “What inspires me”.

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Pingla Rahul, the winner, showed her fascination with space exploration with the doodle, which shows a child looking at a sky dotted with stars with a telescope. Pingla Rahul created galaxies, planets and spacecraft to represent the vastness of things in space, which are carefully arranged to form letters in the Google logo.

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There are four more group winners that Google chose; a doodle on farmers, animals, wise monkeys and a study desk. The winners were chosen by Arun Iyer, famous artist and YouTube Kids Creator, Rob (Harun Robert), India’s leading YouTube Creator Sejal Kumar and the Google Doodles team lead, Ryan Germick, with 300,000 votes from people.

Undoubtedly the doodle of space exploration has two significant impact on the people. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has shown its strength and aims to clinch successful explorations. Likewise it also inspires many to dream big and achieve what instigates them to accomplish in future.

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