The ‘New India’ follows a different policy approach of no-tolerance against corruption or terrorism: PM Modi in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a massive rally in Darbhanga in Bihar this morning. Addressing the huge crowd of supporters, Prime Minister Modi said, “It is our foremost duty as Indians to work for the security, prosperity and welfare of India and that is why for us ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ is our prayer and guiding mantra of life.”

Lashing out at the Congress party for making tall promises in its election manifesto while never fulfilling the ones it made in the past, PM Modi said, “The Congress promised to electrify all the villages in its election manifesto in 2004 but never fulfilled it after which the same promise was made again in 2009 which too remained unfulfilled. It was the BJP government in 2014 that took upon itself to electrify all the villages in the country and we have done that without making false promises. So, the track record of the Congress shows that it is all about making unrealistic promises that it will never fulfil.”

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Taking on the Opposition parties for their widespread corruption and their questionable approach towards terrorism, Prime Minister Modi said that the recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka had again highlighted the omnipresent threat of terrorism and added that India was no longer running away from questions and discussions on terrorism as it followed a zero tolerance policy towards terrorists and their sympathizers.

He further said, “The Mahamilawati gang want us to keep running away from the major issues that terrorism and corruption are. However, we are firm on taking both the issues head on because the BJP and NDA do not believe in tolerating corruption or terrorism or taking a soft stance towards these issues. The ‘New India’ follows a different policy approach of no-tolerance against corruption or terrorism.”


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