Simple and Informative: Now check your wait-listed tickets with IRCTC upgraded website

  Inventing a series of developing new and innovative techniques for ease of traveling, the Indian Railway has now moved a step ahead. Upgrading the IRCTC website, the railways give you a window to check online if your tickets will be confirmed. The new system is quite simple and informative.
The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has elevated its website to ensure smooth ticket-bookings as Indian Railways looks to strengthen the online ticket reservation system. The new website, irctc.co.in/nget, will be simple and informative. It will help journey planners with several filters to plan and select trains.

Now, the passengers will also be able to check the probability of confirmation of their wait-listed tickets. The probability of getting a confirmed ticket will be gauged on the basis of the massive archival data Indian Railways has access to.
The website was last upgraded in 2014. Users of the IRCTC website will be asked to switch to the beta version and get a better experience. The users will be allowed to provide suggestions during the 15-day trial period for further improvement of the website. The beta version of the website will be put in place and the old version will be removed.
Main features of upgraded IRCTC website:
o Several filters will help passengers plan journey and select train.
o It will help passengers check the probabilities of wait-listed ticket confirmation. The probability will be gauged on the basis of past data analysis.
o In addition, enhanced passenger details which will be provided on the site will help a passenger to book the tickets at an ease without filling the details of the travelers.
o There will also be different payment options of all banks and payment gateways.
o The passengers will also be able to give their choice seat they want.

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