Sabarimala verdict: RSS appeals SC to address concerns of devotees

Nagpur: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on Wednesday has cleared its stand on Sabarimala Devasthanam verdict. Welcoming the verdict of the Supreme Court, RSS appealed that the top legal body should revisit the concern expressed by the certain section of the society.

In an official statement, RSS Sarkaryavah Suresh aka Bhayya ji Joshi said, “In the case of Sabarimala Devasthanam also, it is an issue of a local temple tradition and faith to which sentiments of millions of devotees, including women, are attached. These sentiments of the devotees cannot be ignored while considering the judgment.”

Raising the issue of local temple traditions and sentiments of millions of devotees, especially women, having reservation about the recent Judgement on Sabarimala, RSS asked religious bodies and other stakeholders to look into the matter in order to address the concerns on their right to worship.

Sangh urged spiritual and community leaders to chalk out the plan for an amicable solution, within the limits of the SC verdict.

On September 28, the apex court had brushed aside the restrictions for the Sabarimala Devasthanam based on the biological factor of the women devotees.

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