Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate two  Sewage Infrastructure Projects

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate to the nation three sewage infrastructure projects costing Rs 425.41 Crorefor the city of Varanasi and lay the foundation stone for another project next week,  on 12.11.18.

Among the projects to be inaugurated, the first is a 140 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Dinapur built at a cost of Rs 235.53 Crore. The project includes  10 years Operation & Maintenance agreement.

The second project includes three sewage pumping stations at Chaukaghat (140 MLD), Phulwaria (7.6 MLD) and Saraiya (3.7 MLD). The total cost for the three pumping stations was Rs 34.01.

The third project is the construction of 28 km long relieving trunk sewer, rising mains and interceptor sewers along Varuna & Assi at a cost of Rs 155.87 Crore.

PM will lay the foundation stone for Sewerage Management Scheme for Ramnagar at a cost of Rs 72.91 Crore. This will include a10 MLD STP and interceting and diverting 4 drains.

The sewerage projects being inaugurated will result in increasing the sewage treatment capacity in the city from 102 MLD to 242 MLD. The long term O&M provision will ensure that the STP is not only created but is being operated and maintained properly. These projects will  result in treatment of 140 MLD the sewage before getting released in the river thereby reducing the pollution of the river Ganga.

These project along with 2 other ongoing projects of 120 MLD at Goitha and 50 MLD STP at Ramana will take the sewage treatment capacity in the city to 412 MLD,  which will be adequate for the sewage treatment requirements till year 2035.

There is no sewage treatment facility in the Ramnagar town. The Ramnagar project for which the foundation stone is being laid will  intercept the 4 main drains of Ramnagar town. The intercepted wastewater will be  treated at the proposed 10 MLD STP. This will prevent  pollution of river Ganga from drains in Ramnagar.

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