PM Modi reaches Kedarnath to review ongoing Development Project

After the hectic schedule of Lok Sabha election campaigns like two or more states in A DAY, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s developmental brain didn’t stop anywhere. Today PM Modi landed in Uttarakhand to review the development and reconstruction work in Kedarpuri. Earlier today he performed Pooja Archana at Kedarnath shrine.

Prime Minister will visit Badrinath Dham tomorrow. He will perform Pooja Archana in the forenoon before returning to Delhi.

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In his tweet, PM Modi has shared beautiful pictures of majestic mountains during his travel to Kedarnath.

Also, in a tweet, he has posted a video which shows the discussion between the authorities and him on the ongoing Kedarnath Developmental Project. The points of discussion included like snow accumulation, the flow of access water drainage, solar power usage etc.

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Kedarnath Development Project is always a dream of PM Narendra Modi as he has always given it a priority. Prime Minister and his office senior officials are constantly monitoring it. Last year, the PM saw the ongoing construction work being done through the drone. Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation of five schemes in Kedarnath Dham on October 20 in 2017. They have also decided to complete the deadline to complete them. Accordingly, the administrative staffs are mobilized at the war footing. The progress report of the State Government works is being taken regularly.

Five months later, a glimpse of the PM’s dream project has started in Kedarnath Dham. According to the wishes of the PM, the buildings surrounding the temple have been removed and levelled.


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