No continuous bank holidays in upcoming two weeks– Important dates to remember

Banks will not remain closed for five consecutive days starting from Thursday, a union leader said on Monday.

“The banks will work on March 31 (Saturday) and there is no continuous holidays as per messages in the social media,” D Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev, General Secretary of the All India Bank Officers Confederation told news Agency IANS.

He said banks will be closed on Thursday and Friday owing to Mahaveer Jayanthi and Good Friday.

Saturday will remain open since it is the fifth Saturday of the month. Banks are only closed on second and fourth Saturdays.

Here are the important dates to remember for this week and the upcoming week

Date: 29 March 2018

Day: Thursday

Holiday on Account of: Mahavir Jayanti

Date: 30 March 2018

Day: Friday

Holiday on Account of: Good Friday

Date:  30 March 2018

Day:  Friday

Holiday on Account of: Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Date:  02 April 2018

Day:  Sunday

Holiday on Account of: Annual Closing of Bank Accounts

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