New feature of IRCTC, Confirm train tickets can transfer to others

Transportation facility is used for the most travel in India – it is the railway. It is easy to book tickets from IRCTC, but in haste we make many mistakes from people. Such as misrepresenting someone’s name or spelling the other way. But now you can change this. With this, now you can transfer your tickets to someone else’s name. It is very easy to make these changes, let’s tell you how you can change the name you have taken in the train ticket.

24 hours before the train can be replaced Changes: IRCTC has introduced a new service. Under this you can change the name of the passenger in your e-ticket. According to the information given on IRCTC’s official website-, you can do this work till 24 hours before leaving the train.

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To do this, you will have to go to the nearest railway reservation office to change the name of the passenger in the ticket. Here you will need to print out the ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’. Apart from this, you have to take the identity card of any one of the passengers included in the ticket.

According to IRCTC, if the passenger urges to change the name, the railway reservation office can change the name on the request of the passenger. This new facility will be available only under Railway rules.

Transfer the name of the family member to the ticket: To avail this facility, you will have to apply for a change of name in writing in 24 hours. This ticket can be transferred to another member of the passenger’s family. It can be transferred only to the name of one of his father, mother, brother, sister, child, wife or husband.

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In this case, you will also need to get the Identity Card along with the electronic reservation slip as well as the name of which you wish to transfer the ticket. IRCTC has said that such applications can be accepted only once.

Apart from the ordinary passengers, government employees posted on duty duty and the relevant authority apply for it 24 hours before written, they will be given the benefit of this facility.

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