Need to provide affordable medical facilities to people living in rural areas.

“Need to provide affordable medical facilities to people living in rural areas. Medical colleges to encourage students to visit rural areas and understand the healthcare requirements of poor and downtrodden.” Said Vice President M Venkhaiah Naidu, he was addressing Diamond Jubilee of Rangaraya Medical College in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.

The Vice President said that the Governments draw up policies and programs to improve healthcare. But it is the doctors at the grass-root level who play a key role in making them successful.

An important complement such as bonding and personal touch was missing in today’s treatment due to work pressure, increased reliance on investigations and commercialization of the profession. He advised doctors to spend more time and establish a personal bond with the patient and his or her relatives and said that doctor’s gentle touch and kind words could soothe the frayed nerves of a nervous patient and produce a calming effect.

Doctors to be sensitive to patients and their families;

Naidu had advised people to shun sedentary lifestyle and called for concerted action from government, doctors, public health experts, policymakers and healthcare planners to reverse the trend and prevent the growing incidence of lifestyle diseases.

Physical activity is vital for maintaining good health. Medical associations should campaign to educate people on preventing lifestyle diseases;

He also stressed upon the need to employ skilled medical specialists and affordable treatment facilities as compared to many developed countries in Indian hospitals keeping in medical tourism in mind.

The Vice President urged Medical Council and affiliated organizations to bring in high standards in medical education across the country and increase medical and laboratory infrastructure at institutions.

Medical Council and affiliated organizations should bring in high standards in medical education.

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