Mumbai’s air will be at very dangerous level for the next two days

Air quality has deteriorated due to increase in polluting dust particles.

The pollution in the city has also increased due to the increase in cold in the last few days. Mumbai’s air is expected to remain at hazardous levels for the next two days due to the increase in the amount of polluting dust particles and deterioration of the air quality.

It has been explained that the air quality in Mumbai’s Colaba, Mazgaon, Andheri, Chembur, Malad, Navi Mumbai is hazardous, while the air in Bhandup area may be at dangerous levels.

The Air Quality Index and Air Quality Forecast are provided by the ‘Safar’ system under the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

Accordingly, air quality criteria such as good, satisfactory, normal, hazardous and extremely hazardous are determined. According to these criteria, it has come to light that Mumbai’s air has deteriorated.

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