Mumbai Meets Manhattan”: CM Devendra Fadnavis stresses on making Mumbai a Fintech hub

Aiming to conquer dreams of making Maharashtra one of the finest financial technology hubs, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadvanis in Manhattan spoke on how Maharashtra has regained the top position and is fastest developing State in India and now driving India’s growth story.   

  Attracting investors to invest in Maharashtra, the state under the leadership of CM Devendra Fadnavis has shown its significant potential on a large scale. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said he is focusing on making Mumbai a hub for the financial technology industry, an emerging and fast-growing sector that offers tremendous employment potential, and is keen to invite foreign investment in the sector in his state.   

 Attending the community reception ‘Mumbai Meets Manhattan’ hosted by the Consulate General of India in New York and the ‘Friends of Maharashtra’, CM Devendra Fadnavis brought in front a broad picture of developing India and progressing Maharashtra. Emphasizing that the policies promised to the people have been fulfilled and others are under implementation.

  During his interaction with the audience, CM Fadnavis told them that Maharashtra is fastest growing state in India and has regained its top position. He also said that Maharashtra is driving India’s growth story while Mumbai is transforming itself by maintaining its own identity. He also told the audience about integrated transport system consisting of metro, mono, trans-harbor link and coastal road. He also mentioned the efforts taken by his government through schemes like Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyaan to make Maharashtra drought-free.   

  CM Fadnavis said that the main focus is on increasing Fintech (financial technology). The state government has not leveraged Mumbai’s recognition as the financial capital of India. Fintech is an emerging field which not only opens up a lot of job opportunities but is also one of the fastest growing fields. Fadnavis, who arrived in the city after visiting Canada, will also visit Washington and San Francisco and meet with investors and companies, inviting them to continue their investments in his state.

  In San Francisco, his focus will be on new industries in the digital landscape. CM Fadnavis said his message to investors and companies has been that “India is changing and Maharashtra is changing.” He stressed that his state has been able to attract among the highest foreign direct investment in the country. He alluded to the World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking in which India jumped 30 positions and for the first time moved into the top 100, saying credit for the improved performance by India goes to Maharashtra and Mumbai. “We excelled in that index and that cumulatively took the score of India quite up,” he said.   

  Emphasising on creating development in the rural areas, many initiatives for agriculture & rural development were started. The state is working for road connectivity, digital connectivity in villages as future lies in the digital economy.   

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