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Major rickshaw pullers started the robbery from Dombivli to Kalyan 400 rupees for the passengers of the rickshaw

Dombivli: The railway administration took me six hours of meghablong to start the work of breaking the Kalyan railway line on Sunday morning. However, the benefit was levied by the rickshaw drivers in Dombivli and the charges were levied. However, traffic police have not taken any action against such rickshaw drivers and they are expressing dissatisfaction with the passenger. 400 rupees are being taken from Dombivli to Kalyan. Surprisingly, Kalyan to Thane was getting Rs. 1800 rickshaw rent. When the citizen asked the rickshaw drivers, some rickshaw drivers violated the passengers. The Sub-Regional Transport Department has not filed it. As usual, when the commuters started raising, the Rickshaw union of various political parties did not pay attention to it.

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Seetaram Mohite of Wadala in Mumbai had to go to Kalyan on the occasion. Since the railway was megabalong, they had to land in Dombivli railway station. He then asked the rickshaw-puller for the rickshaw drivers outside the Dombivli railway station to Kalyan railway station. After the autorickshaw driver gave 400 rickshaws, Mohite took good care of the autorickshaw driver. After that KDMT preferred to go to Kalyan from the bus left as a special service in the Bajiprabhu Chowk of Dombivli east. While two traffic police were standing in the Bajiprabhu Chowk, the autorickshaw driver was robbing the passenger. Traffic police avoided proceedings, but the passengers did not have any complaint against the autorickshaw drivers. The rickshaw drivers, who were waiting for the passenger on the road to Indira Chowk, had raised the rickshaw between the roads. The Rickshaw union had made the Deputy Regional Transport Department responsible for the passengers’ rickshaw pulling the passenger fare. In the morning, know that there is a disadvantage of traffic in the morning and appealed to the autorickshaw drivers one day earlier.

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