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Maharashtra has tremendous capacity of development- Devendra Fadanvis

The youth, thinkers and common people are together taking the state on the path of development fast. We only assist them. That gives impetus to it. We can give work to youth by making the state a trillion dollar economy because Maharashtra has tremendous capacity of development, asserted Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis here on Friday.

Chairman of Global Marathi Academy and senior writer Ramdas Futane and Ashutosh Shewalkar interviewed the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister gave free and frank answers to their questions related to his childhood days, social and political activities and other aspects of his personality.

Speaking about the economic development of the state Fadanvis said that the state attracted 42 percent of the total foreign investment in the country in the last three years which was 49 percent in the preceding year. The state was at number five but accounted for investment the states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nady and Andhra Pradesh had together. This is our capacity. With the largest investment expected in the State, Maharashtra would be the largest partner in the country in terms of development.

In reply to a question regarding e-revolution the Chief Minister said the revolution along with spread of information technology is dominating the entire world ushering in a new era. The number of jobs in the process may be down but new opportunities would be available. There is no hesitation in handling social media platforms. Anything, including falsehood can be spread on these media but we need to imbibe the principles of these media in the society so that they are not misused, he said.

Recalling his childhood reminiscences Fadanvis said that his teachers taught them English Grammar so well that he seldom committed grammatical mistakes. The Chemistry teacher also explained the concept with clarity, he recalled. The knowledge of legal language he acquired during his law terms is still proving an asset to him in daily use. The teachers have made our concepts very clear by their teaching skills, he said.

He said we had prepared a vision document for the last assembly elections specifying the changes in the state and how they will be brought about. We implemented some of them while in power, some have been launched. Our effort is to achieve 100 percent and we will accomplish them. The gap between opportunities and human resources will be gradually reduced with the growing economy, he said.

Chief Minister gave free and frank answers on reservation opportunities, social changes, life style etc. during the course of the interview.

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