Lack of credibility in Pakistan’s requests for ceasefire: BSF

Four BSF personnel were recently martyred when Pakistan yet again violated ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistani forces have been consistent on two fronts across the LoC in recent months – violating ceasefire agreement and then requesting for ceasefire once pounded in retaliation by Indian forces. The Border Security Force (BSF) may now be on the brink of losing patience and said on Wednesday that there is no credibility in enemy requests.

Four BSF personnel were martyred on Tuesday when Pakistani forces once again violated ceasefire – this time in J&K’s Samba district. The return fire resulted in three members of Pakistan Rangers getting wounded. This is a pattern that has been witnessed repeatedly for the better part of the year and despite both countries agreeing to respect ceasefire pact of 2003. “Ceasefire is always a bilateral decision. We have always maintained the sanctity of ceasefire but Pakistan has violated it,” said Kamal Nath Choubey, ADG, BSF, Jammu Frontier. “There is a lack of credibility in Pakistan’s requests for a ceasefire.”

Choubey was referring to the numerous times Pakistan has appealed for Indian forces to stop retaliatory fire. Each time, the Indian side has agreed, only for Pakistani forces to resume firing and shelling – often specifically targetting civilians. It is perhaps for this reason that BSF has said that there is no let-up in border surveillance even when there is a brief ceasefire along the LoC. “We are always prepared, ceasefire or no ceasefire – there is no let up in border surveillance. Every instrument required to protect the territorial integrity of the border is maintained,” said Choubey.

While Indian forces have a three-pronged task – that of border surveillance, protecting civilians and returning fire, Pakistan has failed to acknowledge its transgressions. Instead, Pakistan on Wednesday went to the extent of summoning India’s Acting Deputy High Commissioner and alleged that it is India that is violating ceasefire. Despite such baseless accusations though, Indian forces maintain that any forceful measures have been and will continue to be only retaliatory in nature.


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