JDS-Congress complete 100 days in power, BJP questions work done for Karnataka

Bengaluru: when the JDS-Congress combine completed 100 days in power in Karnataka, BJP attacked the state government of being more concerned about survival than the welfare of people.

JDS and Congress had joined hands after the elections to eventually stake claim and form government. It was the eventual result of a hotly-contested election which saw BJP form a government of days before BS Yeddyurappa resigned citing lack of numbers. HD Kumaraswamy would take over as CM but since, there have been reports of rifts aplenty between his JDS and the Congress. “Kumaranna has no desire to take part in the celebrations of 100 days of the coalition government,” read one of many Facebook posts put out by BJP. ” For, he is worried whether the government will survive or not.”

BJP also questioned why loan waivers to farmers had not taken place despite JDS repeatedly promising to do so if it comes to power. “The chief minister has insulted the farmers with his arrogant statement that they voted for caste in the election and sold their votes for money,” read another post from BJP on Facebook.

Life as CM has not been easy for Kumaraswamy who found himself bang in the middle of a political storm when he said that he is at the mercy of Congress and not of 6.5 crore people of the state. “The people of the state rejected me and our party. I had sought an absolute majority. I have heard the statements of farm leaders too and how much they supported me,” he had said. “Mine is not an independent government. I had requested the people to give me a mandate that prevents me from succumbing to any pressure other than you. But today I am at the mercy of the Congress. I am not under the pressure of the 6.5 crore people of the state.”

Facing enormous flak, he would later issue a statement in which Kumaraswamy said he never meant to disrespect people of Karnataka. Such incidents and statements though have provided much ammunition to BJP, a party that has repeatedly predicted the alliance between JDS and Congress to give way due to their differences.

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