Interacting to the Annadatas of India, PM Modi emphasized saying “When our farmers will progress, our country will shine”

Being friendly as ever he is, Prime Minister Modi has a connected chord to every person he interacts with. Basing his communication to the basic roots of India the ‘Annadatas’, PM Narendra Modi interaction showed the friendly approach and stated that the country will shine only when the farmers in the country will progress.
Working towards ensuring better benefits and provisions for the farmers and also aiming at doubling the income by the year 2022, the Modi government has been striving hard to avail them of every benefit. Interacting with beneficiaries, PM Narendra Modi as always made the farmers feel homely and the informal talk made things quite relatable and people openly spoke about their needs and availabilities. The farmers thanked the Modi government for initiating lower price for raw materials, the fair value of yield, alternative sources for their working.
PM Narendra Modi is quite famous among the people, his friendly gesture and approach to the people at ground level enable the masses to speak freely. People’s Man Narendra Modi interacting with the farmers gives the viewers a visual treat.
Speaking to the Annadatas, PM Modi interacted with farmers of over 600 districts. Having talked about the friendly gesture and humanity grounds that PM Modi inherits, people have a pleasant and welcoming conversation with the people’s man PM Modi. The beneficiaries thanked and expressed gratitude towards the government efforts on determining available resources for all.
The people across the country highlighted their benefits with the help of initiatives slated by the government is striving to help the farmers from sowing to making the presence in the market, the Modi government initiated the Ugani Soil health card to find out which crop you should be on the soil. Once they know the quality of the soil other all arrangements have been made available from the capital to farmer waiver loans for them.

Under the PM Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, 99 irrigation projects have been completed across the country today. Through the scheme, the farmers have been getting the required water and also there is no risk of harvest. People have also been benefited by the e-NAM app that has entitled the farmers to get their entire yield without any middlemen. Altogether 585 mediums have been incorporated in the e-NAM App.
Ahead of this, the people also said that because of the digital initiatives and schemes, the farmers have been accustomed to generating their own income and also motivate others to join in the initiative. Talking to the beneficiaries from Solapur, PM Modi was informed how the FPO (Farmer Producer Organisation) have been organized the goods associated with agriculture, at a lower cost and also helps the marketing.
Speaking on the availability of soil health card, farmers from Karnataka expressed gratitude on bringing out the soil health card as it made the farmer tension free and has also extended the insurance scheme from the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana. Because of the soil health card, the farmers said that they are now knowing the whereabouts of their soil and yields and also their spending on the manure has been decreased.
The beneficiaries from Sikkim hailed the support of the government and thanked PM Modi said that the government has been encouraging Organic Farming. Northeast is being developed as a Hub of organic farming. The country today has over 22 lakh hectares of land in Organic farming.
Highlighting the availability, PM Narendra Modi emphasized the fact that the crop production has been increasing and this is not only restricted to yielding grains, but also vegetable and fruit production. Speaking about Blue Revolution, PM Modi emphasized that it is a national plan for the development of marine fish and the fishermen’s welfare. It is being strived for under economic prosperity in a responsible and sustainable way.
Beekeeping has helped the farmers in generating income for self and also increases their yield and generates extra income out of honey. this way the country is on the path of progress and development with the farmers being empowered.

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