India’s first underwater drone gives a visual treat of marine beauty and environment

Cochin: Securing a nation with technological benefits, India’s innovations have scaled high providing vast spectrum of inventions. Indian drones have marked a place in the country giving complete coverage of its necessities. In a latest, the EyeROV technologies, a Kochi-based company, based has introduced India’s first underwater robotic drone which is a smart micro-ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

The drone can send real-time video of ships and other underwater structures and help to ease the manual labour of underwater inspections as well as submarine research. Weighing less than 10 kgs, the EyeROV has been designed to perform visual surveys of submarine environments and structures in a depth of up to 100 metres in “harsh and mission-critical underwater environment.”

The micro-ROV can be controlled with remote hardware such as laptops or joysticks. A camera attached to the drone will be able to take HD video images underwater and send them in real time to its operators. With remote accessibility and HD video imagery, the underwater robotic drone throws open a wide range of operations in rescue, defence and research.

With a 2-knot cruise speed, 6000 lumens LED lights and a 3+ hour operation time, the TUNA is a promising equipment for defence, research and development activities. The underwater robotic drone could be a replacement for the current method of manual inspection by divers that is both costly and quite risky.

The Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) made the first order of the product on 14 September 2018. NPOL is a laboratory of the DRDO.

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