Indian Muslims are the best in the world: Rajnath Singh

“Muslims in India are the best in the world”. This certificate was given to Indian Muslims by none other than the Home Minister of India and the senior leader of the BJP – the party that is continuously being painted as ‘anti-Muslim’ by the so-called progressive, secular and intellectual political leaders and their co-travelers in the media.
Rajnath Singh said this on the occasion of International Eid Milan program organized by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) at the Parliament House Annex on June 19. Patron of MRM and senior RSS functionary Indresh Kumar, MRM National Conveners Mohd Afzal, Girish Juyal, Abu Bakar Naqvi, Dr Shahid Akhtar and Virag Pachpore were prominently present on the dais.
Former Member of AIMPLB and VC of Aligarh Muslim University Dr Mohd Shabbir, former Central Haj Committee Chairman and senior BJP leader Tanveer Ahmad, Maulana Kaukab Mujtaba, Maulana Shoeb Kasmi, senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussein and gentry of Muslim intellectuals, religious scholars and MRM office-bearers were present on the occasion.
Rajnath Singh’s presence in this Muslim conclave on the day when the BJP pulled itself would of the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir ending the unsuccessful honeymoon with Mehbooba Mufti’s PDP, was significant as the audience was eager to know his opinion first hand. Prior to Rajnath’s address, Indresh Kumar had explained the situation leading to withdrawal from the coalition government.
Rajnath Singh began his brief five-minute address by saying that the Muslims in India have not remained here as compulsion (majboori) but by choice they have opted to stay here. Had the Muslims wanted to migrate to Pakistan they would have done so when the country was partitioned into Pakistan and India, he added.

Stating that the Indian Muslims are the best in the world, the Union Home Minister said that he was not saying this just for the sake of pleasing the Muslims. He said there are 21 Islamic countries in the world and Islam has as many as 72 sects(firke). But there is not a single Islamic country where all these 72 sects are living in peace and harmony. If at all they are living that is in India he said amidst the thunderous applause from the audience and chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. “This is the beauty of Indian Muslims and this is the strength of India”, he further added.
Praising the mission of MRM, the Union Home Minister, who came to the program sparing time from his busy hectic schedule due to political development of the day, said that the work MRM is doing under the benign guidance of Indresh Kumar was by no means a small one. We all belong to this country and our first duty is to our motherland, our nation, he added.
Stating that the situation in Kashmir is known to all, Rajnath Singh said that the government took the decision to allow ceasefire during the holy month of Ramjan but those who claim to be the messiah of the Kashmiri Muslims did not respond to the government’s goodwill gesture. They resorted to violence killing innocent persons in the valley. “What is this Islam and from where it came?” Singh questioned.
He appealed to all the people of the country to think seriously in this matter. The nation will not be ruled on the basis of caste, sects or religion but on the basis of justice and humanity. Each citizen is free to follow his religion but at the same time it should be his endeavor to see that it does not create any kind of hurdle or obstructions and difficulties for the society and the country.

The second scheme was giving pension of Rs 500/- to talaq-affected women so that they could carry on their life in a better way. And the third welfare scheme was ‘Anaj Bank’ that provides food grains to the poor and needy families. This scheme has been launched Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Indore, and Delhi, he added. The fourth scheme of the MRM was to extend financial help to poor families during marriages of their daughters.
He appealed to all the mosques, durgah to share the ‘zakat’ fund collected during Ramjan to help in these projects.
Indresh Kumar said that the present dispensation has proved by its actions that they are the ‘true friends’ of Muslims in India. He said MRM has become an ‘agenda setter’ movement of India. It started when the political powers were against him. He appealed to the audience to stand with ideals like Kalam and not with terrorists like Kasab or Yakub.
In view of the International Day of Yoga (IDY) Indresh Kumar conducted a ‘Muskaraaiye Yoga’ session with the participation of all the present in the auditorium.
MRM National Conveners Mohd Afzal, Dr Shahid Akhtar and Abu Bakar Naqvi, former AMU V C Prof Dr Mohd Shabbir, Tanveer Ahman and others also spoke on this occasion. MRM Delhi unit Convener Yasir Jilani conducted the program.
Former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussein came in spite of having 103 degree temperature while Manipur Governor Najma Heptullah could not come due to unprecedented flood situation in her state.


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