In the run-up to Republic Day, three and a half Shaktipeeths of Maharashtra

Culture Minister of the state Sudhir Mungantiwar has informed that this year, “Three and a half Shaktipeeths and Streeshakti Jagar” will be seen in Maharashtra’s Chitrarath in New Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day.

The work of this Chitraratha is going on at war level in New Delhi. Constantly insisting that Maharashtra’s Chitrarath participate in the movement to be held in New Delhi, he directly interacted with Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. He also said that his efforts were successful after this.

This year’s concept, drawings and 3D replicas have been created by Tushar Pradhan and Roshan Ingole, young sculptors and art directors. Along with him, the director of ‘Shubh Ed’ Naresh Charde and Pankaj Ingle are managing the grand replica work.

Rahul Dhansare is working to complete Chitrarath of Maharashtra with a team of 30 people. Mungantiwar also gave such information.

Three and a half Shaktipeeths of Devi are famous in Maharashtra and these include Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur, Tuljabhavani of Tuljapur, Renukadevi of Mahur (three complete) and Saptshringi (half-pitched) of Vani.

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