Escalating the essence of “Saaf Niyat Sahi Vikas”, Raksha Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tables achievements of Modi Sarkar    

  “Saaf Niyat Sahi Vikas” is a slogan given by the government to tap in the essence of its motive, said Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman as celebrating the glorious 4 years of governance. Undoubtedly the Modi government has given the country reasons to congratulate, celebrate, and feel proud. Overcoming every difficulty, moving steps forward the efforts of this government only show masses reasons to praise them.
  Addressing the media over the completion of four successful years in the defense ministry, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave insights of the development the country has conquered. Beginning with highlighting the beneficiaries given to the poor, Nirmala Sitharaman instigated on the various schemes implemented for the poor. The Jan Dhan Yojana being a path-breaking scheme has provided the people a medium to earn and save money.

Standing strong by Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas the government has been successful in developing the citizens especially the poor people financially. By the year 2014-17, in all in a global scenario, new accounts have been opened under which an estimated 55% newly account have been opened in India. Apart from this, the government has also given a boost to support the citizens through Postal services.

  Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan was kickstarted to create cleanliness across the country. Sanitation coverage has been resulted in covering over 83% of the households. In addition to this the Food Security Act was passed, it covered 36 states and Union Territories. Over 80 crores get the security of food benefits.

  Embarking the economic outlook, the rapid reach of the economy has benefited in bringing out the progress the government has not marginally but it has gained it significantly. Perceiving global economy, it has been noted that between the year 2013-17, our GDP has grown 31% higher than earlier. Countries around the globe are growing at a pace of 4%. India’s rated highest on all financial parameters. Yoga has been spread globally and it has been because of the Indian reach globally. Yoga has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of the country.
Committed to clear climatic challenges on the global platform, India played a leading role in Cop21 in Paris. The world is going on in a tiring phase because of the environmental changes. The Solar Alliance has been started by PM Narendra Modi has gained immense momentum. Bringing together various leading countries with the strong solar base within two years, International Solar Alliance which was started by PM Modi has around 100 countries as its members.

  The government also launched 104 satellites belonging to multiple countries in one launch. Compelling our own navigation system, the country has created a strong base for space research. It is a reflection of advancement in space technology in India.

  Perceiving the development and progress in the agricultural sector, the government has ensured that more land was brought under cultivation to grow pulses. More incentives were given to grow pulses. As a result of which the country inherits large buffer stocks of pulses.
With Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacting with the beneficiaries of Mudra Yojana early in the morning, it has been taken into consideration that around 12 crore people have received Mudra Loans. The allocation in the Union Budget 2018-19 for that is Rs 3 lakh crore. More than 55% Mudra loan beneficiaries are women. Apart from that 3.8 crore women have received LPG connections under Ujwala Yojana who have lauded the Prime Minister for supporting them financially and socially empowered the Nari Shakti.
Boosting development for the future generation of the country, funding has been given for Atal Tinkering Labs in schools. 54000 ramps have been built for differently abled students to make education more accessible.

  In all the Narendra Modi government has not only shown a development on the economic scale but there is a greater outreach with socially empowering the citizens of the country. Gifting the country with zero corruption and 100% development, the country has been chanting “Modi, Modi” with immense love and affection.   

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