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Dombivli; KDMT’s 2.5 lakh income by special service in six hours

Dombivli, 19-The Railway Administration took a 6-hour megablog for the purpose of removing the Kalyan railway bridge. Hence, KDMT started special service from Dombivli to Kalyan railway station in the morning to avoid the inconvenience of the passengers. Rickshaw drivers were able to take advantage of megablog and increase the fares. However, KDMT started 40 buses for Dombivli and Kalyan railway stations as a special service without paying rent. The ST Corporation had assisted KDMT at four ST Kalyan to Dombivali and Dombivli and Kalyan routes to help the passengers to travel by bus. KDMT has received around 2.5 lakh income in 6 hours and the passengers thanked KDMT for providing better service.

The bus service was started from Kalyan to Dombivli and Dombivli to Kalyan route from 8:00 am on Sunday morning. Some buses on all the streets of the city were diverted on this route. About 40 buses of KDMT have 128 rounds on this route. However, the ST corporation ran on this route for the convenience of 4 ST buses. There are 19 rounds on the ST route. As usual, the passenger fares from Dombivli to Kalyan and Kalyan to Dombivli are as 10 rupees. In order to travel by bus, passengers used to have long rails near the bus stop in Bajiprabhu Chowk in Dombivli east.

Transport Minister Maruti Khodke, former chairman of transport committee Sanjay Pache, member Santosh Chavan, Sanjay Rane, Prasad Mali, along with branch head Sandeep Naik, Shivsainik Suyog Chawate, BJP’s Vod President Ashitosh Tiwari, Dipesh Ghole, Siddhesh Shivali, Sunil Gupta, Transportation Inspector Shyam Poste, Assistant Gorakhpuri, Controller Sandeep Bhoir and Mangesh Salvi These two helpers worked hard. At this time, passengers were thanked for the service of KDMT while transport members took information about the transportation services through the communication services.

While member Santosh chavan said, according to directions from Shiv Sena district head Eknath Shinde, Kalyan district head Gopal Lodge and Dombivli Shivsena city chief Rajesh More discussed the Shiv Sena member of the transport committee. Accordingly, we were working to provide services to the passengers in this place. For the first time KDMT has seen excellent planning.

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