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Dear Commuters, now get Superlative ‘Fresh up’ facilities on Konkan Raiway stations !

Avoiding long route train travels for the indigent cleansing facilities..? Now, no more..! After the existing operational ‘Fresh up’ centres at Hyderabad’s Kachiguda Railway Station and pilgrimage towns like Tirupati, Tiruvannamalai, and Guruvayur, now the ‘Pay as you use, Fresh up’ facilities have entered the reigns of Konkan Raiways.

Regional Railway Manager to Konkan Railways, Mohammed Aasim Sulaiman yesterday, inaugurated the ‘Fresh Up’ facility on the floors of Udupi railway station saying, “This concept of luxury micro-stay will be helpful especially during night hours when the trains are running late. Passengers can take rest at ‘Fresh Up’ instead of waiting at the platform or waiting room, since the services are available on hourly basis”

The centre has been launched by Chennai-based Fresh Minds Services Pvt. Ltd., in collaboration with IRCTC and Konkan Railway. “The facility provides passengers a luxurious stay on flexible hourly packages combined with superlative facilities. The passengers can book the Freshup stay online through IRCTC website and IRCTC rail connect along with direct walk-in with valid rail ticket.”, he added meanwhile.

According to the CEO Vinil Reddy from Fresh Up, the location will always witness a perpetual growth in the travel space and through this facility, the traveling experience of the bonafide passengers at Konkan Railways will be enhanced.

‘Fresh up’ provides travellers access to top-notch services like 24-hours check-in and check-out with an aim to offer travellers a space to freshen up while they are travelling. The charges aligned to the services range from Rs 149 to Rs 1999 depending upon the occupancy and hours acquired.

The facility include round-the-clock cold shower facility, four separate beds and two double beds, toiletries, internet, luggage drop facility, coffee and many more on an hourly basis.  Rajesh Rana of IRCTC, S Vinaya Kumar, K. Sudha Krishnamurthy and Vinil Reddy, CEO, Fresh Up were amongst others to grace the occasion.

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