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Cyclonic storm ‘GAJA’ over coastal Tamil Nadu

Cyclone Warning for Tamil Nadu & Puducherry coast: Red Message

The severe cyclonic storm ‘Gaja’ over coastal Tamilnadu moved nearly westwards, weakened into a cyclonic storm and lay centred at 0530 hrs IST of today, the 16th November, 2018 over coastal Tamilnadu near latitude 10.4°N and longitude 79.2°E about 20 km west-northwest of Atirampattinam. It is very likely to move nearly westwards and weakened into a deep depression during next six hours. Nagapattinam reported wind speed of 44 kmph and Karaikal reported 35 kmph at 0530 hours IST of today. Earlier,the severe cyclonic storm ‘Gaja’ over Bay of Bengal crossed Tamilnadu & Puducherry coast between Nagapattinam and Vedaranniyam near latitude 10.5 0N and longitude 79.8 0E with wind speed of 100-110 kmph gusting to 120 kmph during 0030 to 0230 hours IST of today.

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Forecast track and intensity are given in the following table

Date/Time(IST) Position

(Lat. 0N/ long. 0E)

Maximum sustained surface 

wind speed (Kmph)

Category of cyclonic disturbance
16.11.18/0530 10.4/79.2 80-90 gusting to 100 Cyclonic Storm
16.11.18/1130 10.5/78.5 55-65 gusting to 75 Deep Depression
16.11.18/1730 10.5/77.6 40-50 gusting to 60 Depression
16.11.18/2330 10.6/76.7 35-45 gusting to 55 Depression
17.11.18/0530 10.7/75.9 20-30 gusting to 40 Low


  1. Heavy rainfall warnings:

Rainfall at most places with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places and extremely heavy at isolated places over south interior Tamil Nadu and with heavy falls at isolated places over north interior Tamil Nadu during next 24 hours. Rainfall at most places with heavy to very heavy falls at isolated places very likely over Kerala during next 48 hours.

  1. Wind warning
  • Gale wind speed reaching 80-90 kmph gusting to 100 kmph very likely along & off central parts of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry coasts, adjoining areas of Interior Tamil Nadu and Palk Strait during next 03 hours. It would gradually decrease becoming squally wind speed reaching 55-65 kmph gusting to 75 kmph over these areas during subsequent six hours.
  • Strong wind speed reaching 30-40 kmph gusting to 50 kmph very likely over remaining parts of Tamilnadu, Kerala, southeast Arabian Sea along & off Kerala coast, Comorian area, Gulf of Mannar on 16th November. Strong wind speed reaching 30-40 kmph gusting to 50 kmph very likely to prevail over southeast Arabian Sea and along & off Kerala coast on 17th November.
  1. Sea condition

Sea condition is high to very rough over Southwest Bay of Bengal and along and off Tamil Nadu & Puducherry coast, Palk Strait during next 9 hours.

  1. Damage Expected over districts of Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Thanjavur, Pudukkottai and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu and Karaikal district of Puducherry:

It is likely to cause damage to thatched huts, minor damage to power & communication lines due to breaking of tree branches, damage to Kutcha roads and some damage to paddy crops, banana, papaya trees & orchards during next six hours.

  1. Action Suggested:
  • Total suspension of fishing operations along & off Tamil Nadu & Puducherry and adjoining south Andhra Pradesh coasts during next 09 hours.
  • The fishermen are advised not to venture into Southwest & adjoining westcentral Bay of Bengal during next 09 hoursThe fishermen are advised not to venture into Arabian Sea along & off Kerala coast from 16thNovember evening.
  • People in the affected areas to remain indoors during next six hrs.

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