Creating New India with escalating digital initiatives, PM Modi lays foundation stone for paperless Vanijya Bhawan in New Delhi

“Focusing on moving from silos to the solution, the government has been creating measures for creating people friendly, development friendly and investment friendly ecosystem,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of paperless Vanijya Bhawan in Delhi.
PM Modi spoke on how technology was easing the business environment. The digital technology has been rising high and the country has been on the forefront. The governmental offices have been encompassing digital technology. The Vanijya Bhawan has also incorporated the digital India initiative giving space for GEM. The government has made a place for e-market and GEM has completely transformed the entire scenario for industries and vendors. In total 1,17,000 have been registered themselves under the e-market digital initiative.

The office will be completely paperless with modern facilities such as smart access control, video conferencing and completely networked systems. Over 56% of the 214 trees on the plot are either being left untouched or are being replanted on the same plot.
Addressing the media at the event Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, India has moved away from the culture of delaying work. He added that GST is transforming business in the country, 54 lakh new indirect taxpayers have registered after GST to take the total base to over 1 crore. In last four years, we tried to create an investment-friendly environment in India.
On FDI Narendra Modi said, that FDI inflow in four years, foreign exchange reserves are at record highs. We have to start working on double-digit GDP growth to break into USD 5 trillion economy clubs. In last quarter, India touched 7.7 percent development digit. Emphasizing the fact that the Integrated Logistic Action Plan is the need of the hour, development has been a key need for progress.
The vision of the government to have a New India moves on positive indicators as India has also been entered in being amongst the top 5 Fintech companies. The world is waiting to see when India will enter the 5 trillion league and I urge the ministries to work hard on accomplishing the dream.
Ease of doing business is unduly linked to ease of living and thus working together will ultimately boon the common man. The Prime Minister also emphasized on the fact of loosening the noose and complaining about the third party corrupt people and this can only be done with people coming together and will develop the trading sector of the country.

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