Connecting chords of diversity! 25 Chinese university students experience the diversified culture of Incredible India

New Delhi: With India diversely increasing its reach overseas and being appreciated for spreading its traditional roots, 25 Chinese university students are visiting India by special invitation from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Getting accustomed to varied diversified arenas of Indian culture, the students participated in various events.

The students in their ‘Bharat Ki Yatra’ in Delhi, participated in Yoga session conducted for them by Morarji Desai Institute and also visited the iconic beauty in Agra, Taj Mahal. Both the countries share a strong bilateral relation which enhances the chances of enabling to connect the youth to each other.

As these students have been invited to India, the Indian culture displays its ethnic touch in China. Waking up to the flavours of India in the famous Maliandao Tea Street in Beijing, the Indian Embassy in China marked events with Indian tea tasting, exhibition of Indian arts and crafts, saree draping.

The people of China however appreciated the true essence of Incredible India by experiencing the diversified culture.However taking into consideration the wide spectrum of common likes between the two countries, tea ought to be a common factor. The tea trade between India and China goes back in history. India and China share two of the world’s largest consumers of tea, we are the largest producers of tea and we are also some of the largest exporters of tea.

The ancient Tea-Horse trade route connected Yunnan Province in China to the tea-growing regions of India in West Bengal and Assam. Today, China is major producer of Green Tea with annual production of 2550 million kilograms. India is a major producer of Black Tea with annual production of 1,278 million kilograms. India is the third largest tea exporter to China occupying 17% of the market share. Last year, India exported tea worth USD 25 million to China.

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