Concerned about Minister not being present in the House, Explain in words – Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar

Mumbai, Dt. 14
Ministers from the government are not present in the House to answer the questions raised by the members. Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Ajit Pawar today demanded that the time to adjourn the House many times is a serious matter and this is happening frequently.
Members come to the hall with various questions from the constituency. They raise questions in the House using various parliamentary weapons. But the Minister is not present in the House to answer the questions of the members. A special meeting is organized in the Legislative Assembly to solve these questions and also to get an answer from the government. But the ministers in the government are not serious about this. Pawar also said that it is not appropriate to abide by the discipline of the House.
Vidhan Sabha Speaker Rahul Narvekar expressed his strong disapproval and suggested the government to take serious note of this.

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