CM Parrikar marks his meeting with PM Modi on mining issue next week

CM Manohar Parrikar after fighting against dreadful disease resumed to his work as if nothing has happened to him and he is alright. The dedication to do something for the state and the passion has made him to sit on his chair like a true leader.
Now the news is such that he will be meeting PM Modi next week in New Delhi. The purpose of the visit is to raise the topic of Mining Issue, Goa is facing a long time.
CM Parrikar today took a meeting with mining-affected MLAs. And those who weren’t able to attend today’s meeting for them next meeting will be scheduled. Various points were discussed in the meeting related to mining issue and also solutions to resume the mining work in the state were also discussed.
Mining in Goa came to a standstill after the Supreme Court, in an ordered issued on February 7 this year, quashed 88 mining leases and banned the extraction of iron ore from March 15.
“Whatever may be the option to resume mining, the activity has to start by October this year,” said Dipak Pawaskar, MGP legislator from Sanvordem constituency, from South Goa mining belt. He said that Parrikar discussed three options to solve the crisis in the mining sector. The three options comprise passing an ordinance in Parliament to extend the life of the leases, auctioning the leases, and forming a state-run corporation to oversee mining operations, the MLA said.

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