Challenging Xbox and PlayStation, Google announces new playing platform ‘Stadia’: All you need to Know

Gaming industry is one of the most growing industry. Google on Tuesday announced its plans to enter the $140 billion gaming industry dominated by Sony and Microsoft with new playing platform called ‘Stadia’.

The playing platform ‘Stadia’ will allow people to play high-end games without purchasing expansive consoles or computers. On this announcement, Google said, “It is a game platform for everyone”. As per google’s statement, all of the legwork to render those games is done in Google’s cloud.

Google also describes how this will work. Google said, that if someone is watching a video of a game on YouTube, they could hit a button that says “play now” and jump right into playing the game themselves in as fast as five seconds.

Now, gamers have to buy physical games or wait for hours for the game to download before they can play. Sometimes there is the need for special hardware to play those games.

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The company said Stadia will run on “any screen type” but it will work on desktops, laptops, TVs, tablets and phones at launch.Google said, “With Stadia, the data center is your platform. A gamer can start on one platform and then pick up where they left off another device, which means you might game o your computer and then continue on your phone when you leave the house.

It’s basically a cloud-based gaming service developed by Google. Just like other traditional gaming platforms Xbox or PlayStation, the new Google Stadia will come with its own set of games and series. Unlike other services, here no need to download the whole game into a device to play Or buy some additional game to externally download it.

Google Stadia uses the company’s cloud technology and its network of data centers. This will allow users to play games directly via web browsers and YouTube. No downloads, no installations.

Not only computers or consoles but Google Stadia will also be available irrespective of any platform, be it a PSP, a smartphone, a personal computer or a gaming console.

The primary hassle with a game is to download any issues with space. With Stadia, there is no need to have to worry either about space or downloads. This will make the entire gaming experience easy and hassle-free. It’s just like streaming through Netflix. Choose a game, play, and if you don’t like, leave.

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The company is yet to announce its pricing or availability. As of now, Google Sadia will be available in some select countries. This includes the US, Canada, and the UK. Google Stadia will hit the rest of Europe later this year.

The pricing is expected to be a monthly rental plan like Netflix. It may also come bundled with YouTube Premium.

Google Stadia launch in India-

About Google stadia India launch, there is not yet any word it, but there is a possibility, the Google gaming service is expected to arrive in India by the end of 2019.


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