British lawmakers vote in support of delaying Brexit

British lawmakers have voted to seek a delay to the 29th of this month’s deadline for the UK to exit the European Union (EU). The motion was passed in the House of Commons last night by 412 votes to 202.

The MPs, however, rejected an amendment to the motion that sought to hold another referendum during the delayed period.

The delay in the Brexit process would now require the unanimous approval of all 27 remaining EU member states, which in effects gives the 28-member bloc the power to dictate the terms of an extension.

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EU Council Chief Donald Tusk said, the bloc could approve a long postponement if the UK finds it necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it. Last night’s vote follows a rejection by Parliament on Wednesday to rule out leaving the EU without any deal.

PM Theresa May will make a third attempt to get her withdrawal deal pass through next week, after it was rejected by huge margins on two previous votes.

The UK had voted to leave the EU in a referendum in June, 2016.


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