BJP pulls itself out from JK government alliance over soft approach of Mehbooba Mufti led-PDP towards terrorism

In Jammu and Kashmir, it was PM Modi-led central government’s decision to begin ‘Operation All-Out’ and give security forces free hand to eliminate terrorists and terrorism from the valley. But BJP’s ally and partner PDP in Jammu and Kashmir government has kept soft approach towards terrorism and stone pelters. Therefore, taking a cognizance into this, BJP has pulled-off itself from Jammu and Kashmir government alliance.

Ram Madhav said, “BJP have taken a decision it was untenable for BJP to continue in alliance with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir, hence we are withdrawing”. He further alleged that PDP failed to control the situation in Jammu and Kashmir despite full support from central government adding, “Terrorism, violence and radicalization have risen and fundamental rights of the citizens are under danger in the Kashmir valley.”

Keeping in mind larger interest of India’s security and integrity, fact is that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, in order to bring control over the situation prevailing in the state we have decided that the reigns of power in the state be handed over to the Governor,” he added.

Citing measures taken by Centre and failure of PDP, Ram Madhav said, “Centre did everything for the Valley. We have tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pakistan. PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from PDP in developmental works in Jammu and Ladakh.”

Reiterating BJP and centre’s commitment to fight against terrorism in JK, he said, “Even if Governor rule is imposed in the Jammu and Kashmir, our efforts to fight terrorism will continue.” “We had to respect the mandate of the people. If we would not have formed govt at that time, Governor’s rule or Presidential rule would have been imposed in the Valley. We had an alliance with them just for the mandate that was given by people,” Ram Madhav concluded.

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