Be comfortable; be you. Whats most important is to understand what suits your body type and personality.

For all those who troll, body-shame and create and slate improper remarks, birthday girl Sonakshi Sinha has a fitting answer for you. Khaamosh! Celebrating the birthday of this chubby and beautiful actress, Sonakshi Sinha has a day in and out given us major goals to live life to the fullest.

   Daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi has emerged as an actress on her own merits. Giving 11 back to back hits, the actress has laid a milestone for all the newcomers. Being body shamed for her chubby looks, the actress did not consider it as a setback in her career. Giving the trollers a dose of their own medicine, Sonakshi has always promoted a healthy living. Love for food and fitness has made the Khamosh girl very popular among the young generation.
Be comfortable, be you. Understand your body and personality is what the girl urges all the young girls out there. However before she made a mark in the industry with her innocent looks, beautiful smile and good acting, Sonakshi Sinha actually weighed around 90 kgs? The actress lost almost 30 kgs before entering Bollywood. However, losing weight was not an easy task for her. Still, she got into shape by following some simple mantras.
From a plump kid to a hot diva, Sonakshi Sinha has now become a fitness icon for many. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and love for junk food were the main reasons behind her plump figure. But for those assuming to lose weight within days here is what Sonakshi has to say, “Don’t expect results overnight. It took you months or years to pile on the kilos, what makes you think it will be gone in a few days? It is important to condition your mind and be patient during the process. Rather than dwelling on how much more you have to achieve, think of how far you have already come.”
Well, looking at her new svelte figure, we can say Sonakshi Sinha’s patience and hard work has really paid off.

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