Attending the BRICS summit in South Africa, PM Modi to sway his positive layer in Rwanda and Uganda from July 23

In changing the demographics of Indian relations with foreign nations, the Ministry of External Affairs announced on Friday that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa from July 23-27. MEA Spokesperson said the Prime Minister, who will attend the BRICS Summit in South Africa. Stating it as an important gateway to eastern Africa, PM Modi will first stop in Rwanda for a two-day visit, the first by an Indian prime minister. India is expected to sign a defense cooperation agreement during the visit.
It will be the first visit by Indian PM to Rwanda; India elevated its relations with Rwanda in a strategic partnership in 2017. The two countries are focusing on strengthening multi-sectoral cooperation. Restricted delegation talks, interaction with the business forum and Indian community. Visiting Ruveru village has been ought to be an important element of the program by gifting 200 cows as a contribution as an innovative scheme by Indian govt, poorest people have been given cows and also the first female calf will be given promoting brotherhood and solidarity. Along with this, there will be talks on agriculture, defense, dairy cooperation.
PM Narendra Modi will then visit Uganda from July 24-25, where he will address the Ugandan Parliament apart from holding delegation-level talks. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be interacting with the Indian diaspora. For the first time, an Indian Prime Minister will address the African Parliament which will be aired live in India and Africa. Training and capacity building has been the focus of bilateral defense cooperation. India has an Indian military training team stationed in Ginger since 2010. Delegation Level talks, address Uganda Parliament and addressing the Indian Diaspora are the key highlights.

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