4th Terminus on Western Railway at Jogeshwari

Involvement of 13 contractors in construction of terminus
Mumbai, Dt. 25
The fourth railway terminus on the Western Railway and the sixth railway terminus in Mumbai will be constructed at Jogeshwari and the Western Railway has appointed contractors for this work.

13 contractors will be involved in the construction of Jogeshwari Terminus. Jogeshwari Terminus is going to be constructed in two phases namely terminus construction and electrification. Funds have been allocated in the railway budget and this terminus will be opened for rail traffic in the month of June next year.

76 crores is expected to be spent on setting up the terminus. The distance between Ram Mandir Railway Station and Jogeshwari Terminus on Western Railway is about 500 meters.

Ram Mandir Virar direction pedestrian bridge landing steps will be connected to Jogeshwari Terminus.

Vande Bharat trains of 8 and 16 coaches manufactured in India are currently running on Indian Railways. It is planned to operate sleeper Vande Bharat in future. Arrangements will be made to transport these trains and park them at New Jogeshwari Terminus.

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