Yogi slams opposition parties for Bharat Bandh

Slamming the opposition parties for their ‘Bharat Bandh’, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said this kind of “negative thinking” will obliterate them from the opposition benches soon.

“This (Bandh) is a manifestation of their (opposition parties) negative thinking. India is rising as the biggest economy in the world under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Welfare schemes are being launched, people are getting benefits. In such a scenario, nothing else can be expected from the desperate and demoralised opposition, which has no leadership or plans or strategy for the future,” Adityanath told reporters here.

“May God bless them and give them wisdom… They should cooperate on the issue of development and play a positive role instead of adopting a negative approach, otherwise they will not be able to sit even in the opposition,” he said.

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