Working in synergy towards digital technology, Goyal focusses on national sensitivities aligned to trade and investment

Holding an extensive consultation with tech industry and e-Commerce companies, Piyush Goyal on Tuesday headed to understand the concerns aligned and build a robust data protection framework.

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Viewing to achieve the dual purpose of privacy and innovation and strengthen India’s position as a global tech leader, the Commerce Minister certainly focussed on the trust and innovation abide the tech companies across all segments.

The companies put forth their concerns related to RBI data storage requirements and processing related guidelines issued by the RBI. Following this, the Deputy Governor of RBI, B.P. Kanungo, assured the industry representatives that the Reserve Bank of India would look into the matter.

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The e-Commerce industry representatives also put forth their concerns about the e-Commerce draft policy which they felt was not adequately consultative. Goyal, to this, assured that each and every concern of the industry would be addressed and for that requested e-Commerce representatives to send their concerns in writing to the DPIIT within 10 days.

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Meanwhile, the principles of data protection and privacy were discussed at length in the meeting. E-Commerce and tech companies also informed Piyush Goyal that the data free flow discussed in the recent G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy was a positive development for India in principle and India must participate in the discussions on digital trade but issues of concern for the country must be taken up as and when they arise during the G20 discussions.

Working in synergy towards realizing the full use of digital technology together with trade and investment, Goyal said that the discourse set would also be mindful of our national needs priorities and sensitivities.


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