Woman police sub-inspector jumps from fourth floor

Steps taken due to sexual harassment proceedings

Osmanabad: A Frustrated Ladies Police inspectors of Osmanabad, Due to not  taking action against the police inspector in connection with her sexual harassment, jumped from the fourth floor at around 10:30 am on Friday morning and tried to commit suicide. He is critically injured and her condition is serious. Hence moved to Solapur.

Manisha Giri, Name of the Ladies police sub-inspector, While working at the Anandnagar police station in Osmanabad in March, the same police station’s police inspector had sexually assaulted her. SHe had recorded it in the Station Diary on 28th March. Later, Giri was transferred to Osmanabad city police station.

Since last few days, the departmental inquiry is going on in this matter. However, senior police officer was pressurizing Giri and a broker journalists who was taking on him was pressurizing Giri and a roaring journalist was publishing false news in his four-page paper, which meant that Giri had taken this step. We are not in the mood of speech in detail, This can be confirmed only by Manisha herself, Says Family member of victim.

This is the primary information about Manisha Giri who jumped due to these two horrific journalists.This incident has created a stir in the police department. The point is that what action will be taken in this case against culprit ?

Manisha Giri lived in a private place on Yedashi road. It is a four-story building. On Friday morning, at around 10.30 am, she  jumped from the place on the fourth floor. His hands and feet were fractured and her head was hit. Their condition is endangered.

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