Why listening ‘Main Amit Shah’ is more heart-wrenching for all Anti-India conspirators?

Emerging ahead from behind the curtains.. taking over from directing the BJP’s ascent and stepping into the responsible shoes once again, he has roared up to be in the forefront of Narendra Modi’s second government. With the Gujarat’s lion Amit Shah swearing in as a Home Minister this time, the immorals are now to fear for..!

Shah, who has been Modi’s most trusted lieutenant since the 1980s when both started their political careers in Gujarat, made a grand entry in the prime minister’s group of ministers. While there was immense speculation about Shah being given a cabinet berth, one could argue that a series of recent events had pointed to such a possibility.

With him returning back to the core politics, this is a moment glee for the evolution seeker while is the moment vocation for others who seemingly don’t want India’s internal security to get a huge boost, following the anticipatory actions against illegal immigration, fight against terror and what not.


“As a Home Minister Shah will take up the anti-corruption cases against Vadra, National Herald, Chidambarams & others to a quicker conclusion apart from handling Naxal & Pak terrorism, J&K & keeping an eye on the party”, is what twitteratis are flooding of joy.

On the other hand, rise some gloomy lines, calling him a criminal and a serious executioner, who was arrested as a minister of state for Home in Gujarat for murder and extortion, declared tadipaar by Supreme Court and is now Home Minister of India.

Amit Shah : Backbone to the regime..!

Being a gentle source of energy to the regime, Modi following the party’s massive victory, had said that Amit Shah was the man of the match. Had Shah not been given the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh, the country would not have known about his immense skills. “I have personally known Shah for a long time. He will perform to his potential in his new responsibility and I have no doubt about that”, he had said.

The very clear signals thrown by the government of Shah entering the politics was contesting the Lok Sabha elections, symbolism of Modi and Shah being together since the party’s victory celebrations and lastly a lesson in history.

When Shah laid the ground for Modi’s return as Gujarat chief minister in 2002, he was rewarded with 10 portfolios, including home, law and justice, prison, border security and housing. A repeat performance on a national level, given the comfortable position to which Shah guided his party, was arguably going to fetch him a reward in the form of a cabinet berth.

The general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh, who delivered a stunning mandate in the form of 73 of the 80 seats in the state, was subsequently awarded and made the BJP’s top boss. Modi once again extolled Shah during a grand function at the party headquarters in Delhi when the BJP repeated its earlier performance, winning 311 of the 403 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls.

And Modi again praised the BJP president in his victory speech on May 23 after Shah orchestrated the party’s historic win in the Lok Sabha polls, like that achieved earlier.

Accusations against Shah as Gujarat Minister

In October 2001, BJP replaced Keshubhai Patel with Narendra Modi as the chief minister of Gujarat, following allegations of inefficient administration. Over the next few years, Modi and Shah gradually fought against their political rivals. Shah contested the 2002 Assembly election from the Sarkhej constituency in Ahmedabad, winning by the highest margin among all candidates,158,036 votes. In the 2007 Assembly election, he won from Sarkhej again, improving his margin of victory.

Amit Shah was accused of having orchestrated the extrajudicial killings of criminal Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife Kauser Bi and his criminal associate Tulsiram Prajapati. He was also accused of sidelining the police officers who testified against the Gujarat government in cases related to the fake encounters and the 2002 riots. Later In 2013, he was charged of having ordered illegal surveillance on a woman in 2009, during his tenure as a home minister.

At one time, Shah was considered as one of the main contenders for the Gujarat Chief Minister’s post. However, his political career was hurt by the arrest in year 2010. Many leaders in the Gujarat government distanced themselves from him. His fellow ministers considered him as an autocratic person, who did not have good relations with his colleagues.

Shah diligently dismissed all the accusations against him as politically motivated. He pointed out that during his tenure as the Home Minister, Gujarat was one of the states with minimum number of police encounters in the country. He stated that he kept in touch with the police officers on the phone in the normal course of his duties as the home minister. His political career, which had declined after his arrest in 2010, revived after BJP’s victory in the 2014 general election.

Shah’s tenure as a BJP President

After Narendra Modi became the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP, Shah’s influence also increased in the party, overseeing the candidate selection, emphasizing on the candidate’s local clout and winning potential as the only criteria for selection, as opposed to the candidate’s party loyalty or ideology. 

In July 2014, BJP’s Central Parliamentary Board unanimously approved Amit Shah’s appointment as president of the party. Under his leadership during 2014-16, BJP achieved success in Legislative Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand and Assam. Shah also spearheaded campaigning in the 2017 assembly elections, which gave BJP resounding success in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, meaning the party won its greatest run in percentage terms in recent state assembly elections.

Roaring aloud in the first term of the Modi Government, Shah has set high grounds of expectations to be looked up in the consecutive tenure now. Breaking the back of terrorism in Gujarat as Home Minister, striving to national evolution as BJP president and now being the Home Minister, his robust leadership and commitment towards the nation shall be an underling asset to the country..!



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