Vital step towards Freedom from obligation! Kerala Muslim Education Society bans Burqas in its college campus

The Burqa or the obligation of Muslim women to cover their face is one of the burning issues in women rights. This resurfaces after every some year. Now, taking a prominent step to abolish this tradition, Muslim Education Society (MES) from Calicut, which one of the biggest educational institutions in Kerala, has issued a notice banning any attire covers the face on its campuses.

On this occasion, Fazal Gafoor, the head of society said, “Let’s follow Islam in Kerala and not the Islam of the Middle East”.

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Further, Fazal added, “For the last five years orthodox Muslim groups have been imposing their dress code in Kerala institutions, we have decided to curb this menace, we have a dress code, Salwar Kameez for females”.

MES was passed the Circular on April 17, which resulted in protests from among Muslim Organization, stating that it going against religious tenets and sentiments of the community, and the educational society should consult various organization before taking such decisions.

MES, which runs over 150 educational institutions, including 10 professional colleges, has about 80% women on its rolls.

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The Sri Lankan govt. on April 28 took necessary measures to impose a complete ban on all types of burqas and face covers in the wake of the terrific terror bombings that shook the entire country on the occasion of Easter Sunday, which took more than 250 lives and injured hundreds.


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