Uttarakhand plans to introduce caravans in major spots to boost tourism

For those who give the trek a skip reasoning a lack of proper facilities and other excuses, looks like your time is up. The government of Uttarakhand, in a bid to promote tourism, will be introducing mobile caravans or motor homes equipped with every facility you can expect to find in a regular house. Of course, portable homes will enable you to access remote locations. The plan also includes the development of parks for the caravans to be stationed.

These complexes will provide water, electricity and waste disposal facilities. This way, coupled with the government’s endeavour to build homestays in and around popular tourist spots, soon most Himalaya vistas will be enjoyable from your windowsill.

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“We are working on a plan to introduce fleets of mobile caravans equipped with all facilities available in homes, which will be introduced soon. The scheme aims to attract high-end tourists to a number of scenic spots dotting the mountain state,” tourism minister Satpal Maharaj said.

“Similarly, homestay facilities will be promoted as well as hiking and trekking potential, which also have an identity of their own,” he said.

The twin schemes would help increase tourist arrivals, which would give a boost to the income of the people dependent on tourism activities.

“The homestay scheme also aims to check forced migration from the hills,” the minister said.

Out of the two schemes, he said, the caravan tourism would be new to the hill state, which would help attract both high-end foreign and domestic tourists.


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