Uttarakhand becomes first state to declare cow as ‘Rashtra Mata’

Dehradun: Uttarakhand becomes the first state to declare holy animal Cow as the ‘Rashtra Mata.’ The state assembly put its stamp on Wednesday during the monsoon session. The resolution presented by the government in this regard was passed unanimously. It will now be sent to the Central Government.

MoS for Animal Husbandry Rekha Arya presented the resolution in the House on Wednesday that “this house urges the Indian government to declare cow as the nation’s mother”. She also outlined the cow’s religious, economic, scientific, social and spiritual significance.

Arya said, “Our government has been working towards cow protection… we are constructing shelters across the state. Getting the status of Rashtra Mata for the cow is another step towards cow protection.”

With this, Uttarakhand, who passed the resolution to honor the cow, became the first state in the country. At the same time, the campaign for Sant Gopalamani Maharaj of Uttarakhand got the support from the state assembly on demand of declaring cow as the nation’s mother. He has expressed gratitude with the government for all the legislators of the ruling party and the opposition.

He also outlined the cow’s religious, economic, scientific, social and spiritual significance. He said that in Hindu religion cow has the mother’s status and milk of cow’s milk is also an option for mother’s milk. It has also been certified in scientific research. He said that the Act is applicable in the state for cow protection. This law will also be strengthened if the cow receives the status of the nation’s mother.

Significantly, Sant Gopalamani Maharaj of Uttarakhand has been campaigning for giving cow status to nation mother. In this connection, he has organized many major events in the capital Delhi along with all the districts of the country. In addition to the ministers of the government including Chief Minister Trivandrum Singh Rawat during the Goktha of Sant Gopalamani Maharaj in Doon just before the session, the ruling party and opposition MLAs had assured them to stand with him in the campaign to honor the cow.

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