To Improve Passenger Amenities Railways Increases Freight Rates

Indian Railways has rationalised its freight rates to ensure additional revenue generation across the network for improved passenger amenities.

The rationalisation of freight rates will result in a 8.75% increase in freight rates for major commodities such as coal, iron and steel, iron ore, and raw materials for steel plants.

Furthermore, the haulage charges of containers has been increased by 5% and the freight rates of other small goods have been increased by 8.75%.

However, the freight rates of food grains, flours, pulses, fertilisers, salt, and sugar have not been increased, keeping in mind farmers and the common man. Additionally, the freight rates of cement and petroleum (including diesel) have not been increased.

The decision to rationalise freight rates will result in additional revenue generation for Indian Railways to the tune of Rs. 3,344 Cr. The additional revenue will further help enhance various aspects of Railways including safety, service, punctuality, etc.

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