Those who read Gandhi well, should read once Godse too

(Karn Hindustani)

Since India’s independence or simply say that since the assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, there has been controversy over Nathuram Godse. Recently, Kamal Hassan addressed Godse as the first Hindu terrorist, before that so many people blamed Godse for quite a while that he was a murderer of a Mahatma. While according to Godse, Gandhi was not killed but Gandhi was slaughtered.

In his own narrative, Godse gave title Gandhi’s badh kyo? (Why Gandhi slaughtered?) This book was restricted from reaching the masses, as a long time restricted literature. After this, when the book came into the market and the general public read Nathuram, some people changed their perception.

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People knew the story of Gandhi till today. But  As soon as people read the thoughts of Godse in his book Gandhi Badh kyu?  Ideas changed and Many on the ground of freedom of expression started expressing there views publicly.Now the situation is many people think Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is a Mahatma; and many people think Nathuram’s step is in the country’s interest.

It’s a matter of two ideologies. If you impose your ideology on anyone, it will be considered to be an abusive person’s freedom. Some people believe that Godse had no participation in the war of independence. Whereas the truth is that revolutionaries like Godse and Bhagat Singh, including Savarkar, did not agree with the ideology of the Congress. These revolutionaries, who gave tit-for-tat answers, were given the title of the hot party (Garam Dal) by the Congress.

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If Congress policies were adopted by all people, then the British treasury would not be plundered, Chauri-Chaura Kand would not have been done, General Dyer could not be killed, Subhash Chandra Bose did not have to struggle for independence by staying on foreign soil.

Those who say Nathuram Godse as mental, should be aware that when Godse suing in court. Thousands of people used to come to court to listen his arguments. At that time discussion of this case was prime subject in society,

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This can be proved by the newspapers of that time. The statement made by Nathuram Godse in the court has not been made public till date. What is the reason for this? Godse may be the murderer of somebody’s heart, but Godse has killed the person who always had a flattery of a particular religion. Godse may be a murderer in somebody’s eyes but one can be brave soldier in the battle of freedom.

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Those who read Gandhi well, never took the excuse to read Godse. For this reason, calls Godse as a Hindu terrorist,and someone tells murderer. While Godse was only a member of the Garam Dal in the war of independence. People who connect Godse to the Rashtriye Swamsevak Sangh should know that Godse was never a member of the Sangh. Under the conspiracy to defame the Sangh, Godse and Sangh’s association have been added. Well, without reading Godse, prove Gandhi as Mahatma is like one-sided decision.


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